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This  website is  dedicated to everyone who love beauty and jewelry, at affordable prices for all occasions with exciting designs.  The quality of  the jewelries  and its  charming beauty will bring  grace and promote you to  someone special of the day and you can move around will full confidence. For your easy reference and time saving all the required products used by
celebrities, gold jewelries, fragrances and weight loss products are presented in easy formats that can be searched at your finger tips and you can view them all in a same page side by side without moving anywhere. It is our pleasure to see everyone  enjoying fashion products, relax with happiness and have a good day.

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Karat or" k"--gold fineness

Carat--weight of gemstones
            1gm = 5 carats

24k ------100% pure gold

18k-------75%  gold+ (copper,zinc)

14k------58.5% gold + (copper,zinc)

10k------41.7% gold + (copper,zinc)

Yellow Gold ---alloy of silver, copper and zinc mixed with gold.

White Gold---alloy of nickel, copper and zinc mixed with gold.
White gold is highly reflective and
does not tarnish . Rhodium plating
will protect the reflective quality
of the white metal.
Yellow and white gold are similar
in strength and durability & same value.

Rose Gold---is alloyed with copper, and sometimes silver. Copper 25% & 24k gold 75%Reddish-rose hue.

Silver--too soft, need to mix with copper.Sterling silver is a mixture of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent copper.
Silver does tarnish, although frequent wear will minimize tarnishing.

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