Gem Cutting Service (Thailand)
Bringing the best luster and value for most Gemstones
 "shinning  gemstone is our daily business"

          Diversity of New Design is our Specialty of Innovation


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Since 1986 we have cut more than Million stones




Faceting and Cabbing

Since 1986, we are offering commercial gem cutting service to world wide gem and jewelry industries, specializing semi-precious and lab grown gem -stones in facet and cab both normal as well as fancy cuts and shapes which exceeded more than million pieces of stones.
Our master craftsmanship is greatly acknowledged by international customers and we are well known for our good reputation, reliability and friendly manner. We use handmade machine which are not computerized and may not comply to accurate angle cutting, but they are not primitive tools too.

Human judgment and selecting the correct tools for different gemstones bring the best result out of our work.

Before you send the rough gemstones, please send us an email mentioning briefly about the gemstones you want us to cut and we can give you an idea about the cutting charge and approximate delivery time. As a rule of thumb, we can say good rough or in other word clean rough gives good result and cracked or included rough gives poor result.

Doing business with us mean, you have reached the right place and you have an advantage of using our 25 years experience that we turn every rough gemstone to bring their utmost beauty and luster to assure every person passion for gemstones are well attended.

To send gemstones to us for cutting please use the below address and attach a low value invoice for our custom like U$20-30 saying
"Mineral Specimen

84/70 Chareonkrung Soi 80,
Chareonkrung Road, Bangkholeam,
Bangkok 10120,
Tel:662 6882883



                           FANTASY CUT

                  (Dream Cut)


Dreams are Free
Free your Dreams

Don't Laugh At My Dreams
I Dreamed About Your Laughter



Dream Cut Gemstones

Usually we asked the gem cutters
to cut the rough gemstones into
usual round, oval, pear shapes,
etc. Instead of restricting them
to cut what we want, sometimes
it is good to give free hand to the
gem cutter to cut the style they
want. The style they dream while
they work on their own. Dream
cut stones mean the shape of
the stone can be very close to
the rough stones and faceting
can be a combined facet like
diamond cut, checkered board
star cut, step cut, princess cut,
diamond cut ,opposed lines,
etc all in one piece. This is
for individual who like freedom
style gemstones to make jewelry
as they desired and do not
interest in cloning gemstones
and would like to be one and
only owner of its kind. It is
quite suitable for most ladies
want to own something alone
and others should not have
same thing like them. Our
dream cut gemstones will solve
this kind of problem and it is
impossible to have more than
one stone have the same
shape, same color, same size
and definitely the same dream
cut gemstones because you
cannot ask someone to repeat
the same dream again.

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