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Free Gemstone Cutting Service

To show our gemstone cutting skills and to expand our business network internationally   we are offering free gemstone cutting or free gemstone repairing or re-polishing for you.

If you send a few pieces of rough gemstones not exceeding 10 grams of gemstones stones to cut, repair or to re-polish, we will cut & polish them for FREE (no cutting charge), you only have to pay postage and handling fee at a flat rate of U$30.00 per shipment from anywhere and we will cut and return them by registered airmail.

For one address, we will cut free for one time, either we will cut your gemstones into facet or cabochon that suits the material to our best of knowledge, but we are not responsible if the stone breaks or get damage during the process although chances are very slim.

If you are happy and satisfy with our free service you can use our normal commercial gem cutting service.

For more information,

mail to:

TelTel: 668 7679 5833

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