92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Can change to your required size for some items


92.5 Sterling Silver Ring ( Golf Ball) with Garnet Gemstones
Golf Ball size 15mm
Ring Size 8,
Total weight 4.06 Grams
U$ 58.00 per piece. Free Shipping
***can make in 14K, 18K Gold

92.5 Sterling Silver Ring  
Blue Topaz, Sapphire Gemstones

Ring Size 6.5,
Total weight 4.90 Grams
U$ 95.00 per piece. Free Shipping



92.5 Sterling Silver Ring  
Blue Topaz, Amethyst Gemstones

Ring Size 6.0,
Total weight 3.38 Grams
U$ 75.00 per piece. Free Shipping























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